Manufacture, Exporter of Ethylene Oxide Derivatives, Ethylene Oxide Condensate by Shree Vallabh Chemicals in India.
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Offers EO Derivative for Paint, Paper, Textile, Metal, Leather, Waxes, Detergent, Pharmaceutical by Shree Vallabh Chemicals in India.


Be one of the world’s best Ethylene oxide Derivatives manufacturers known for outstanding products, quality and customer satisfaction.

Be a leader in our industry in the development for and use of new technologies.

Be an adaptive, responsive organization known for integrity, individual respect, empowerment, and open communication.


Shree chem  is a professionally managed  manufacturing company founded in 1994 by Rajubhai Shah’s hard working attitude and strong belief in quality, customer service and competitive pricing are still deeply rooted in our mission statement today.

The company is located  near Ahmedabad, an industrial hub of India having proximity with rail , road, and air which is important for international trade.


Shree chem. is a progressively developing company, both in technology and industrial standing. Our company specializes in a variety of manufactured products including:

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate, Fatty Acid Ethoxylate, Ethoxylated Fatty Amines, Alkylphenol Ethoxylate, Polyethylene Glycols, Demulsifier, Silicon Oil Emulsifier, Amino Oil Emulsifier, Paraffin Wax Emulsifier, Castor Oil Ethoxylates, Hydrogenerated Castor Oil Ethoxylates, Glycerine Ethoxylates, Esterification, Non-Ionic Self Emulsifying Wax

We have state of the art infrastructure and  the capability of manufacturing Ethylene oxide Derivatives as per your requirements with consistency in quality and  given delivery schedule.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction means a quality product produced at a competitive price and delivered on time.


each employee takes pride in producing a quality product for our customers by verifying the accuracy of every operation required to manufacture the chemical, from initial raw material  to final inspection. A random sample is also taken to assure no changes and no surprises.

From stringent each and every level you can count on a quality Ethylene oxide Derivatives from Shree Chem.

We believe in quality of service too. We make sure your goods reach you at the day and time you want them delivered. This philosophy and work ethic has won us accolades…. and we're proud of it.


Shree Chem has invested very heavily in building world-class infrastructure to manufacture international quality EO derivative A continuous investment program for technology up gradation   ensures the most efficient production methods. Shree Chem is committed to environmental policies and practices .


At present our EO derivative product range is being used by following industries: rubber manufacture, paint manufacture, leather processing, Industrial Surfactants, Paper manufacture, Textile chemicals, Metal processing, Latex & Waxes, Household surfactants, Detergents, Pharmaceuticals Raw materials, Dyeing & finishing, Agrochemicals, Cosmetics raw material.

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