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Range of Ethoxylate as Fatty Alcohol, Alkylphenol, Fatty Acid, Fatty Amines, Castor Oil, Glycerine, Non Ionic Self Emulsifying Wax, Paraffin Wax Emulsifier, Demulsifier, Amino Oil Emulsifier, Silicon Oil Emulsifier in India.


SHREE CHEM OSD is a totally organic liquid formulation of surfactants  and dispersants in a water and soluble in    toluene ,Xylene, Aromatic solvent, crude oil for the demulsification of water in oil and oil in water.

SHREE CHEM OSD capable of performance at room temperature, but with improved speed and percentage of oil    removed when applied at temperatures near 60 deg. C (140 deg. F).

SHREE CHEM OSD destabilizes the oil-water interface that surrounds each water particle in the emulsion,    replaces    the emulsifier molecules (if any), and allows the water to coalesce.

SHREE CHEM OSD is a completely combustible, non-abrasive, non-ash-forming treatment which will improve the    quality of the fuel it is added too.


Physical Appearance : Homogenous Liquid
Density : 0.9 +- 0.5
Solubility : Toluene, xylene, crude oil, aromatic solvent
PH range : 6.5 to 8.0
Soluble in water : Dispersion


Does not stay with the water phase, therefore does not contribute to water pollution
Stays with the fuel and actually improves burning characteristics of the fuel
Uses lower dosages than most competing products


Because of the diverse nature of oil and waste amenable to treatment with SHREE CHEM OSD, specific recommendations have to be made on a case-by-case basis. The dosage of SHREE CHEM OSD prescribed to break a particular emulsion varies from as little as 1 gallon per 20,000 gallons (50 ppm) of oil to as much as 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons (100 ppm) of oil. A few clients have even found that 20 ppm was more effective than the higher dosages, so we suggest adding the lower levels to your laboratory bench tests to verify the correct dosage for the specific application. Finding the most cost-effective dosage, as well as determining the best conditions of temperature, slow mixing, settling time, etc., is best done in the laboratory, using a sample of the actual oil or waste and a sample of SHREE CHEM OSD


Once you have determined the correct dose of SHREE CHEM OSD, fill the tank with the waste-oil-water solution and inject the correct dose of SHREE CHEM OSD directly from the drum. Mix thoroughly, with the assistance of a pump, for two to five hours. Mixing time varies depending on the size of the tank and the speed of the motor. Allow the fuel to settle and check for water separation. Depending on the configuration of the tank, either remove the water by means of a drain in the bottom or suck the clean oil off from the top of the tank.


SHREE CHEM OSD is packaged in 55 gallon mild steel drums (208 liters) It contains a h aromatic solvent, and should be handled easily semi skilled workers.

Above Shree Chem Range are the running products. We can produce higher moles on customer specific demand and specifications can be altered as per customer requirement.

 Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate  Triethanolamine (T.E.A)
 Alkylphenol Ethoxylate  Glycerol Ethoxylate
 Fatty Acid Ethoxylate  Paraffin Wax Emulsifier
 Ethoxylated Fatty Amines  Demulsifier
 Castor Oil Ethoxylates  Amino Oil Emulsifier
 Polyethylene Glycols  Silicon Oil Emulsifier
 EO/PO Block Co-Polymers  Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate and Propoxylate

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