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 Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate and Propoxylate


The SHREE VALLABH product line results from the reaction of fatty alcohols with ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Because of the fatty chain and the amounts of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide in each molecule, we obtain products with different degrees of water solubility and foaming power. This allows you to choose an appropriate product for each application. The SVC L and SVC I lines are represented by the following general formula:
Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate

where: R = alkyl group
x = average number of moles of ethylene oxide
y = average number of moles of propylene oxide
The products represented in the SVC L and SVC I lines are:
Product Chemical Description N°CAS 1 Est. HLB Value % Renewable Carbon
SVC L306 Q Lauryl Alcohol 3 EO / 6 PO 68439-51-0 5.5 34
SVC L405 Q Lauryl Alcohol 4 EO / 5 PO 68439-51-0 7.0 36
SVC L408 Q Lauryl Alcohol 4 EO / 8 PO 68439-51-0 6.1 27
SVC L504 Q Lauryl Alcohol 5 EO / 4 PO 68439-51-0 8.2 37
SVC L603 Q Lauryl Alcohol 6 EO / 3 PO 68439-51-0 9.3 38
SVC I406 Q Isotridecyl Alcohol 4 EO / 6 PO 65150-81-4 6.5 -
2 ECL Method Ref: X. Guo et al. / Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Vol 298 / Issue 1 / June 1, 2006 / pp. 441-450
The products of the SVC L and SVC I lines are non ionic compounds, whose lipophilic portion of the molecule comes from fatty alcohol and propylene oxide, and the hydrophilic part from the addition of ethylene oxide. This structure gives the line an extremely low foaming power, excellent wetting properties and good detergency.
Paints and Coatings
In addition to their significant surface tension reduction power in aqueous solutions, the products from the SVC L line have good wetting and dispersion properties, which enable their use in the manufacture of pigmented pastes, acrylic and vinylic latex paints. Being low foam nonionics, the need for anti-foams used in such preparations is reduced.

SVC Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylates present foaming properties significantly lower than traditional fatty alcohol ethoxylates, therefore are recommended for water based detergent formulations that require controlled foam. Though excellent wetting agents and low foam surfactants, SVC products have comparably lower cloud points and are less soluble in water.

Depending on the formulation, the addition of hydrotopes or solvents, such as isopropanol, secbutanol, monoethyleneglycol, butylglycol or butyldiglycol may be required for formulation stability and cloud point control.
SHREE VALLABH has a highly specialized team of experts that can assist in the correct SVC choice and use level for your application.

SVC L products are recommended as wetting agents in rinse-aids, automatic dishwashing detergents and low foam I&I degreasers. These products are also useful in acidic truck cleaners, aluminium brighteners and commercial tunnel car washes.

SVC I has the lowest foaming capacity in the line, also functioning as an anti-foam agent in the presence of other surfactants. It is recommended for wetting and detergency in bottle washing and dairy & brewery tank cleaners where non-foaming surfactants stable in acidic formulations are required.

SVC L products are recommended as nonylphenol ethoxylate alternatives in auxiliary textile preparation formulas. SVC I 406 can be used in textile purging since its hydrophobic part is branched, which increases compatibility of waxes from natural textile fibers.
PRODUCT CSF is a cationic softener and has the following advantages:
Characteristics SVC L306 Q SVC L405 Q SVC L408
SVC L504 Q SVC L603
SVC I406
Appearance,25°C Clear to turbid liquid Clear to turbid liquid Clear,yellow liquid Liquid Liquid Clear to turbid liquid
Hydroxyl value,
- - 66-75 96-108 80-95 -
Avg Molecular Weight,
675 661 796 550 646 724
Water, % max. 0.5 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.0 0.5
Density, g/ml, 25°C 0.96 0.97 0.97 - 0.98 0.97
Flash point (open
cup), °C
222 221 240 - >230 >200
Cloud point, 1%
aqueous, °C
15 22 21-27 24-34 39 15
Cloud point, 20% in
EBDEG 25% , °C
25-28 31-35 35 - 47 26-30
pH, 1% aqueous, 25°C 6,0 - 8,0 6,0 - 8,0 5,0 - 7,0 9,0 - 11,0 6,0 - 8,0 6,0 - 8,0
(1) The properties described above are for information purposes only and may be altered without prior notice. Please contact Shree Vallabh for the current specification as needed.


When handling these products, we recommend using proper PPE (personal protective equipment), e.g. PVC gloves, safety goggles, and coat. In case of accidental contact, proceed as follows:

• Eyes: wash immediately with abundant water for at least 15 minutes;
• Skin: remove the contaminated clothing and wash affected sites with abundant water;
• Ingestion: seek urgent medical care.

The products from the SVC line are low viscosity liquids above their pour points.
The products from the SVC line should be stored in sealed containers in a covered, dry place away from sources of heat or ignition.
For bulk storage of SVC products, we recommend using tanks made of 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel coated with vinyl resin, having recirculation systems for homogenization of the product at the time of use. This is necessary because these products can layer and should be mixed before use.
Avoid overheating with steam or hot water as this can cause darkening and increase turbidity.
DISCLAIMER :- This bulletin contains information given in good faith, based on Shree Vallabh’s current knowledge on the subject, and is purely indicative. Any information, including suggestions for using the products, should not preclude experimental testing and verification, which are essential to ensure the suitability of the products to each specific application. All users shall also abide by local laws and obtain all necessary permits. When handling the product, consult the safety data sheet. In case of questions or additional needs, please contact Shree Vallabh Chemicals.

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